Apple ($AAPL), Google ($GOOG), Amazon ($AMZN), or Facebook ($FB): Who Will Be the Most Important in 2020? 

To be sure, Apple [stckqut]AAPL[/stckqut], Google [stckqut]GOOG[/stckqut], [stckqut]AMZN[/stckqut], and Facebook [stckqut]FB[/stckqut] have each made an indelible mark on our world. And all four tech behemoths continue to push the innovation envelope.

(Motley Fool) asked four Motley Fool contributors to tackle the difficult task of selecting which of these industry leaders would become the most important in the next five years -- and why. Here's what they said.


Brian Stoffel - Apple

Andres Cardenal - Google

Jeremy Bowman - Amazon

Tim Brugger - Facebook

Source: Apple Inc., Google Inc., Inc., or Facebook Inc.: Who Will Be the Most Important in 2020? (AAPL, AMZN, FB, GOOG, GOOGL)

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