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wall street bull photoI have chosen 15 stocks to finish 2015. These stocks are, in my opinion, some of the best companies to invest your money for the next three months.

I split my portfolio into two parts. I describe the first part in the majority of this site. It is a list of Good Companies that I keep on my Watch List. I invest in these companies using the techniques that I describe in my book, The Confident Investor. I will move my money from companies that are showing bearish tendencies to companies that are currently bullish. You can see my current list of companies on my Watch List and follow this site to watch me add or delete stocks from these companies.

While it is not unusual for my Watch List to not have a certain market segment, the overall list is fairly balanced, and an investor that wants to diversify can do so by using this list. I do not specifically worry about diversification as a strategy only because I believe that an investor should watch the investments like a hawk. If a stock is not doing well: sell it and put your money where it will work for you.

I also keep a certain percentage of this portfolio in index funds. I describe this technique in my book, The Confident Investor, and my current allocation is about 28%. I am only 53, so I need my portfolio to continue to aggressively beat the stock market. The index funds simply give me a bit of a base.

The second part of my portfolio is much more aggressive and is the reason for this post. In this portfolio, I select 15 of the fastest growing and currently best-performing stocks on my Watch List. I evenly divide my investment capital of this portfolio between the 15 stocks. Every three months, I re-analyze the list of 15 stocks, sell the ones that don't make the new list, buy the new additions, and evenly rebalance the entire group of 15 stocks.

I need to caution the reader that this second portfolio, while easier to manage, is much riskier than the previously described portfolio. Because of this risk, it often returns a higher growth, but it also is susceptible to faster drops. The first portfolio that I described is more cautious simply because I move out of stocks that are dropping. In a general market drop, I will be almost 100% in cash for my principle. This second portfolio doesn't get touched except for four times per year, so it is open to general downturns as well as stock specific downturns.

The first portfolio that I described above is a "buy to hold" portfolio and I completely describe this portfolio in my book, The Confident Investor. The second portfolio is a "buy and hold for three months" portfolio.

I do not expect that each of these 15 stocks will beat the general market. I do expect that the 15 stocks together will significantly outperform the market. In general, these 15 stocks represent the absolute best 15 stocks on the market today. They are in industries that are doing fairly well. Their management tends to be extremely competent, and each company has a history of being well run.

You can purchase my book wherever books are sold such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million. It is available in e-book formats for Nook, Kindle, and iPad.

My top 15 stocks for Q4/2015

Symbol Company name
BWLD Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.
CBPO China Biologic Products, Inc.
EXR Extra Space Storage Inc
FB Facebook, Inc.
GTN Gray Communications Systems, Inc.
MIDD The Middleby Corporation
MNST Monster Beverage Corporation
NFLX Netflix, Inc.
REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SBUX Starbucks Corporation
STZ Constellation Brands, Inc.
SWKS Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
THRM Gentherm Inc
UA Under Armour, Inc.


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