10 Money Tips

As you tackle your finances, look for new opportunities to save, spend and make money. Pass your resume out to recruiters, rethink your insurance and cell phone plans, and pay down high-interest debt rather than sprinkle payments across the board.

  1. Shop the Job Market
  2. Track Your Spending
  3. ‘Ladder’ Your Credit Card Debt
  4. Say ‘No’ to Extended Warranties
  5. Step Up Your Savings Strategy
  6. Hang Up on Cell Phone Contracts
  7. Limit Your Auto Loan to 42 Months
  8. Choose a Fee-Only Financial Advisor
  9. Raise Your Deductible and Reduce Your Withholding
  10. Ignore Expiration Dates on Food and Medicine

Source: 10 Best Money Tips From Clark Howard of All Time | GOBankingRates

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