Dril-Quip, Inc. ($DRQ) Cautious Buy or Hold to $60 Confident Investor Rating: Fair


Company name Dril-Quip, Inc.
Stock ticker DRQ
Live stock price [stckqut]DRQ[/stckqut]
P/E compared to competitors Fair
Employee productivity Poor
Sales growth Good
EPS growth Poor
P/E growth Good
EBIT growth Fair
Confident Investor Rating Fair
Target stock price (TWCA growth scenario) $52.86
Target stock price (averages with growth) $70.38
Target stock price (averages with no growth) $61.55
Target stock price (manual assumptions) $63.5

The following company description is from Google Finance: http://www.google.com/finance?q=drq

Dril-Quip, Inc. (Dril-Quip) designs, manufactures, sells and services offshore drilling and production equipment for use in deepwater, harsh environment and severe service applications. The Company’s principal products consist of subsea and surface wellheads, subsea and surface production trees, subsea control systems and manifolds, mudline hanger systems, specialty connectors and associated pipe, drilling and production riser systems, liner hangers, wellhead connectors and diverters. Dril-Quip’s products are used by integrated, independent and foreign national oil and gas companies in offshore areas worldwide. The Company’s operations are organized into three geographic segments: Western Hemisphere (including North and South America), Eastern Hemisphere (including Europe and Africa) and Asia-Pacific (including the Pacific Rim, Southeast Asia, Australia, India and the Middle East; headquartered in Singapore).

Confident Investor comments: At this time, I think that a Confident Investor can cautiously invest in this stock as long as the price is correct. Most of the fundamentals of this company are good but there are some concerns.

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