Did you invest at the bottom of the financial crisis?

Did you invest at the bottom of the financial crisis? This happened in March 2009. If you did invest at the bottom, you would have enjoyed a massive multi-year bull market.

The above video does a great job of pointing out the benefits of simply investing in an index fund in the equity market. It also points out the fallacy of just leaving your money in a savings account.

Several times, I have pointed out that the system that I describe in my book, The Confident Investor, actually would allow you to avoid the massive downfall in  late 2008 and early 2009. When I published the trade-by-trade analysis of The Boston Beer Company [stckqut]SAM[/stckqut], Decker Corporation [stckqut]DECK[/stckqut], and eBay [stckqut]EBAY[/stckqut], I intentionally chose a time frame that included this massive drop. As you can see by analyzing my trades during that time, I avoided the worst of the drop as my system sensed the downturn and kept my money safe.

Click through to those articles of SAM, DECK, and EBAY and you will see how efficient my system is at preserving capital and allowing you to increase your wealth over a simply buy and hold strategy. I also wrote an article about how my system works really well at finding the best companies and beating the market by 95%, if you invest at the bottom or just buy at a short-term bottom.

My system helps you to invest at the bottom of the market and avoid losing money as the market drops. For stocks that go up and down in price, it is incredibly efficient. You can almost guarantee that there will be another opportunity to invest at the bottom of a stock. Are you prepared for getting out of your stock investments before it hits bottom? Are you setup to invest at the bottom?

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