Apple Target Gets Raised to $260 ($AAPL)

Blogging Stocks reports that Barclay analyst Ben Reitzes has raised his price target on Apple (AAPL) to $260 from the previous $235.

This agrees with my own personal calculation of $259 for Apple. I think there is a reasonable chance that the stock will go higher than that and could break $300 if their revenue growth continues in the next couple quarters. That growth will be dependent on iPhone growth and growth of any new computer such as an eReader or tablet.

Caution is advised though. My more conservative estimations shows that the growth may be over and AAPL could top at $220.

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  1. I actually think AAPL will continue to do well. REAL sales are there. Unless there is tremendous catastrophe – of which there will be no refuge anywhere – AAPL will continue to climb. But how fast it climbs may be totally different question.

    I like both AAPL and GOOG – would buy on price weakness as both companies are fundamentally sound. If for nothing else, one can be long on both AAPL and GOOG.

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