Apple’s iPad sales are not an indicator $AAPL

I have reviewed Apple [stckqut]AAPL[/stckqut] on this site before.  I rank it as a Good Company that you should consider for your portfolio.

Currently, the Internet is buzzing with guessing about the number of iPad’s that were sold in the first day of orders. The best estimate that I see is about 120,000 units. While this is an impressive number of units, it DOES NOT mean you should buy or sell the stock of Apple!

You should only invest in companies that have a history of doing well. They need to be consistently listening to their customers, developing products that their customers want to pay for, and selling those products at a profit. The fact that Apple is a Good Company is indicative of this long trend. You should buy the stock because they consistently deliver – not because they came out with a cool product.

Disclaimer: Since I trade in and out of stocks depending on the activity of the market, I may or may not own Apple Computer at the time that you read this but since they are a Good Company, I am definitely considering being a stock holder. If you want to know more about my trading practices and how it relates to this site, please read my disclosure page.

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