My personal preference is that companies keep their stock price below $200 per share. My logic is simple: it makes it easier to evenly distribute your investment portfolio. My balanced portfolio logic is quite simple. If you want to balance your portfolio quarterly between 10 great stocks, it is easier with lower-priced stocks. With a […]

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Sean O'Shaughnessey on April 24th, 2016

  Thank you to Broadviewnet for putting out this infographic.  Here is the data: State 2014 Company 2014 Revenue (Billion) 2015 Company 2015 Revenue (Billion) Headquarters AL Regions Bank $5.89 Regions Bank $5.40 Birmingham AL AK Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation $4.44 GCI Inc. $0.91 Anchorage AK AZ Avnet Inc. $25.45 Avnet Inc. $27.49 Phoenix AZ […]

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Sean O'Shaughnessey on May 23rd, 2015


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Mr. Buffett, who is 84 years old, has never wavered in the principles he learned from his mentor, Benjamin Graham: Stocks are ownership stakes in businesses, not pieces of paper or blips on an electronic ticker; their market prices often are driven by the mood swings of investors rather than by the value of the […]

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Sean O'Shaughnessey on July 20th, 2013

I recently came across this list on Forbes on the largest 25 tax payers. Forbes does a bit of analysis on each of them. It is probably worth your time to jump over, but I thought I would give the highlights here:   Rank of tax expense Company Symbol Effective Tax Rate 1 ExxonMobil XOM […]

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