Should you not buy Hewlett-Packard now?

The last time that I looked at Hewlett-Packard [stckqut]HPQ[/stckqut], I rated the company a Fair company and encouraged you not to buy it. I haven’t rechecked the numbers since then but the recent news of Hewlett-Packard buying 3-Com begs the question, does this acquisition invoke the rule of not buying a company that just recently changed its size due to acquisition or divestiture?

The quick answer is no.  According to Reuters, 3-Com had quarterly revenue of 290.5M and HP had revenue of 27,451.0M.  Since 3-Com is less than 10%, HP should have little trouble absorbing the smaller company without affecting its major operations.

Remember, the magic number is 10%. If it goes over that number, stay away for awhile.

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