Apple ($AAPL) to support all US networks?

According to Blogging Stocks, Tim Moran is predicting that Apple (AAPL) will soon be offering its ground-breaking iPhone on all carriers. His prediction is for 2010.

I can’t find another source of this prediction but if it does happen, it will be a major blow to every other handset vendor. The iPhone still has a significant advantage over the other phones. The biggest drawback for the phone is the network that ATT uses has created a great deal of consternation.

Yes, it could get way, way better. Tim Moran with Oppenheimer & Co. believes that the iPhone will reach all major U.S. wireless carriers in 2010. It’s as if Apple hasn’t sold enough iPhones already. That number could be punched up in a huge way if Moran is correct.

It makes sense — Apple has accomplished handset sales in the U.S. with one product (several updated versions, of course) and one carrier, completely changing the landscape of what most consumers think a cutting-edge wireless phone is. If Apple were to unleash an iPhone for all the other carriers besides AT&T (T), it could add to its $40 billion cash hoard significantly.

UPDATE: BusinessWeek is also reporting this story.

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