Where do you rank?

It is almost not possible to turn on the news without hearing about Occupy Wall Street. This “uprising” has now morphed into Occupy [name your city] all over the country. So where do you rank?  Are you a member of the elite 1% or the struggling 99% that is supposed to be represented by the campers in parks all across America?

There are two great calculators to see how you rank.  The first calculator is on Kiplinger and it simply compares your income level to the rest of America.  The second calculator is on MSN and digs in a bit more and compares your income, assets, and debt to the median as well as your “peer group” of people that have your income and are in the same age group.

It is worthwhile to do both calculators. For me, I am not in the top 1% but I am considerably higher up the scale than the majority of Americans. On the MSN calculator I was not surprised to see I had far less debt, far more savings invested and my house was worth less than others in my peer group.  This revelation didn’t surprise me as that is a big reason that I run this site – I have learned a lot about creating wealth and it shows when compared to most people that are my age and have the same level of income.

I suggest that you take the test.  It takes less than 5 minutes on either site and it may reveal more than you thought.  While you are at it, enjoy this little image that I found on digg.com.

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