Jim Cramer’s Top 4 DJIA Picks–the “Diamonds of the Dow”

Jim Cramer of Mad Money and The Street is arguably the most famous stock analyst in today’s media.  The best thing about Jim is that he tries to explain everything in great detail and he also admits when he makes a mistake.  It would be great if more analysts (probably myself included) admitted when they were wrong!

Cramer recently picked his “Diamonds of the Dow” or maybe “Rough Diamonds of the Dow”.  So for the next 4 days we will take each one of these and see how they do in the CIR (Confident Investor Rating) scale.  Should be fun!

The four companies are:

AT&T [stckqut]T[/stckqut]

Boeing [stckqut]BA[/stckqut]

General Electric [stckqut]GE[/stckqut]

Kraft Foods [stckqut]KFT[/stckqut]

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