Infographic – Facebook Drives Most Shopping Traffic – Pinterest Users Spend Most Money

I realize that Pinterest and Twitter are not public enterprises so you cannot truly take advantage of this Infographic in your investing strategy. Many investment advisers suggest that the investor should choose companies that have a “moat” around their business. While I don’t fully subscribe to that theory, there is no question that businesses that have a very strong advantage in the marketplace tend to be more profitable. Great examples of large moat companies are Ansys [stckqut]anss[/stckqut] and Balchem [stckqut]bcpc[/stckqut] which appear on my Watch List and have for quite some time.

The below infographic appears to show that Facebook [stckqut]FB[/stckqut] is currently the leader in generating shopping activity at its partners’ sites but its moat is not very wide. Pinterest is a relatively new company and it is already showing signs of impacting shopping behavior.

The following infographic was found on Blog Herald but appears to originally come from richrelevance. I did not do this study nor does the following image belong to me.


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