Happy Thanksgiving

We celebrate Thanksgiving in the US today. The stock market is closed and most people spend their time with family and friends.  I will not be posting today aside from this article.

Personally, I am thankful for the many blessings and advantages that have been given to me and my family. I realize that my life is much more comfortable than many in the world today.

Enjoy your family today.

Tomorrow is commonly known as Black Friday in the retail sector of the US. Many retailers will do a significant portion of their annual revenue tomorrow.  As these results start to roll out over the next few days, expect some turbulence in the retail sectors and possible the financial sector.

I probably won’t be posting much on this site over this long weekend but will be reading my Twitter account, ConfidentInvest.  In addition to my many blessings, I am thankful for the 14,000+ followers that see value in my tweets.

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