Review of Watch List

For the past several weeks, my review of companies has been those on my Watch List. I am now finished with that review and will begin to look at companies that are new (or not previously favorably reviewed). I will review the Watch List again in a series of posts in the future.

It is important to review your investment choices on a regular basis. If you invest in mutual funds, you should review them each February. I suggest Friday because you will receive your end-of-year statements in February so that you can pay taxes. You should look at these long-term investments and decide if it still fits your strategy and that your mix of investments is correct.

For stocks, the review needs to be a bit more frequent. You need to get out of stocks that no longer perform to your satisfaction. If you are not sure how to evaluate the growth rate and performance of your stocks, please consider reading my soon-to-be released book, “The Confident Investor” as it will help you analyze companies to find the Good ones.

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