Investment Advice Every Parent Should Give Children (and follow themselves)

If you want your children to be better off in life than you are or then your parents, you need to teach them to invest and save. The younger they are, the longer they have to accumulate great wealth. It is never too early to start to worry about the rest of your life.

Conversely, it is never too late to worry about your future as well. If you haven’t done a good job of preparing for your retirement and your “golden years” then don’t wait! Start now! If you have violated any of these rules, STOP!

I found these rules on It is a very good article and you should jump over and read more.

  1. Track Your Income and Expenses
  2. Avoid or Eliminate Debt
  3. Set Financial Goals
  4. Buy a Home and Pay It Off As Quickly As Possible
  5. Buy Insurance
  6. Invest Intelligently

The author also talks about buying his book and giving his book to all of your children. I won’t argue that you should do this, but you would be much wiser to buy my book, The Confident Investor. You can purchase my book wherever books are sold such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million. It is available in ebook formats for Nook, Kindle, and iPad.

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