Company name Skyworks Solutions Inc
Stock ticker SWKS
Live stock price [stckqut]SWKS[/stckqut]
P/E compared to competitors Good


Employee productivity Poor
Sales growth Good
EPS growth Good
P/E growth Good
EBIT growth Good


Confident Investor Rating Good
Target stock price (TWCA growth scenario) $28.29
Target stock price (averages with growth) $37.3
Target stock price (averages with no growth) $28.51
Target stock price (manual assumptions) $27.01

The following company description is from Google Finance:
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (Skyworks) offers analog and mixed signal semiconductors. Skyworks offers custom linear products supporting automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, energy management, industrial, medical, military and cellular handset applications. The Company's portfolio includes amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, detectors, diodes, directional couplers, front-end modules, hybrids, infrastructure radio frequency (RF) subsystems, isolators, mixers/demodulators, optocouplers, optoisolators, phase shifters, phase locked loops (PLLs)/synthesizers/VCOs, power dividers/combiners, receivers, switches and technical ceramics. Its portfolio includes customized power amplifiers and front-end solutions. On June 10, 2011, the Company completed the acquisition of SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. (SiGe), a semiconductor provider. On April 27, 2011, the Company acquired 100% ownership of a private company engaged in the design and manufacturing of optical components.


Confident Investor comments: At this price and at this time, I think that a Confident Investor can confidently invest in this stock.

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