Biden’s lack of generosity

A core component of accumulating wealth with investments is to acknowledge that you must give back to society. I strongly urge everyone that I advise that they should give 10% of their earnings to charity. I do not care if it is to United Way, your church/synagogue, or some other charity that you feel strongly about.

When you invest, you are using your mind to create a profit for you. You are analyzing the psychology of the world to take advantage of an opportunity to grow your income. By the very fact that you are blessed with extra cash to invest and the mental awareness and acuity to realize market opportunities, you owe it your fellow man to be generous to others.

I do not feel this is a religious conversation. It is a matter of being blessed and therefore helping out others that are not so blessed.

I am embarrassed and disappointed that US Vice President Joe Biden has elected to give away so little of his income. He donated under $4,000 to various charities (none very significantly) and gave away some old clothes to Goodwill.  Mr. Biden donated a measly 1.5% to those less fortunate than himself.

I do not feel that this is good leadership nor adequate understanding. This is very disappointing.

I will not comment on Mr. Biden’s poor income from his investments. As a Senator and now a Vice President, he probably should not actively trade stocks the way I advise others to do.

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