Investment in $DECK would have doubled in about 14 months using my book’s system

Earlier, I wrote about using the system described in my book, The Confident Investor, to build up your investment in Deckers Outdoor Corporation [stckqut]DECK[/stckqut]. I discussed how much your investment would have risen compared to the traditional method of “buy-and-hold” as an investment strategy.

At the time that I wrote the article, I hadn’t discussed portfolio management on my site to any great detail. Recently, I discussed the concept of doubling your investment to the point that the free stock is equal to one allotment of your portfolio. Now that this concept has been explained, I need to add another metric to the Deckers [stckqut]DECK[/stckqut] analysis.

If you would have invested in Deckers as described in that article, you would have doubled your investment by March 2, 2007. On that date, you would have acquired 150 shares of DECK which were valued at about $67.45 for a total profit of $10,101.75. This means your $10,000 initial investment would have doubled.

This event would have occurred 292 trading days after you initiated trading on DECK. If you followed my advice on portfolio management, you would stop trading in DECK at this point and focus on other stocks to build up equity in them.

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